About Ansu

Ansu has been bird watching since attending school. He became involved fully in bird watching after high school and today he is one of the top bird guides in The Gambia. Ansu’s experience and competence in the field of bird watching has given him fame and has attracted the attention of the other Gambian bird guides.

Ansu was born and raised in the countryside where bird life and nature in general is at its best. There is no doubt about Ansu’s experience and knowledge in the field of birding in The Gambia. This should be no surprise as Ansu has been, summer after summer, engaging in research and also involved in creating water holes to attract birds for photographic opportunities. One of these water holes he created is in Bulock forest where Green and Red-winged Pytilias and Black-faced Firefinch come to drink.


Ansu is a senior member of research and development of The Gambia Birdwatcher’s Association. Ansu’s eagle-eyed, fast spotting, identification and his discoveries of rare birds in The Gambia has given him the award title PROFESSOR by his colleagues. This title is very well known in The Gambia.

In 2010 February 14th, he was the first Gambian bird guide to see the Little Green Woodpecker in ABUKO NATURE RESERVE and this was the first record for The Gambia. In 2011, Ansu found Pel’s Fishing Owl in Bulock in his village and most amazingly, on land near the river. This was not confirmed until 2015. In 2013, his highlight was the White-crested Tiger Bittern (Tiger Heron). Ansu will never stop his magic of discovering rare birds in The Gambia. On the 2nd January 2015 he became the famous record breaker by spotting one of the most sought after birds in The Gambian bird list at Kotu Creek. This was the Finfoot and had only been seen upriver before.

Ansu provides the opportunity for birders and non birders irrespective of experience to see rare and exotic birds in The Gambia and Senegal.


Whether you are looking for an introduction to the birds of The Gambia or you are more experienced, Ansu can provide suitable opportunities so that you can return home with happy memories and, perhaps, visit The Gambia again. Ansu, the professor of bird guiding, will make your dreams come true leaving you with happy memories to take home.